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November 2020: Never Forget a Good Act. Letting Go & Giving Thanks.

Dear Friends, 

As we mentioned last month, we are in the season of the Lungs and Large Intestine. It is the time of year to whittle, to hone, and to refine. These are two of our organs of letting go. I am finding time this week to reflect on what I was able to accomplish this year and letting go of what's left. It is a time of resetting and putting things to rest. 

One way of working with this energy relates to letting go of resentments and putting aside old harms done, forgiving and moving forward without the heavy baggage of old pains or hurts. Swami Satchidananda says, “Never forget a good act.” By which he goes on to say that “If we are always going to remember the bad things, we will keep [people] as our enemies. Instead, remember the nice things that [people] have done and they will always be our friends.” This is also a practice of ahimsa - non-harming of ourselves and others. 

This is an important sentiment with which to move into the holiday season -  forgive others and be compassionate with one another. We are all suffering on some level. Let us cultivate friendliness (maitri) and compassion (karuna), through which, according to Sutra I.33, the consciousness becomes serene and benevolent and brings us closer to the goal of yoga - yogas citta vritti nirodha, the cessation of the fluctuations of the consciousness - another form of letting go.

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With Gratitude,
Sara Agelasto

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