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Ardha Navasana

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Half Boat Pose
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Geometry: The back of the body is rounded like a canoe, The hands are interlaced behind the head. The legs are stretched straight, the crown of the head in line with the toes.

Sit in Dandasana. Roll the top inner thighs in and extend through the inner line of the legs through the inner ankles.

Interlock the fingers and place them behind the head just above the neck. The elbows are shoulder width or slightly wider. Exhale and recline the trunk back and simultaneously raise the legs from the floor. The balance of the body rests  on the buttocks and no part of the spine touches the floor. Tighten the knees and extend the toes towards the ceiling. Breathe.

Keep the legs at an angle of 30 - 35 degrees and the crown of the head in line with the toes.

Exhale and bring the legs down and sit in Dandasana. 

Common Issues:

Not able to balance

Legs cannot stretch straight.

Not able to lift the legs high enough.

Abdominal muscles shake.

*** teach more about the abdomen. take sternum forward to make it easier for  to lift the chest. foundation is important. think about extending the legs forward instead of lifting the legs up. ***

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Ardha Navasana is beneficial to the liver, gallbladder and spleen. Navasana and Ardha Navasana bring life and vigour to the back and enable us to grow old gracefully and comfortably. - BKS Iyengar, Light on Yoga

Beginners Tips: 

The angle between the legs and the trunk should be wide so that the abdominal muscles are contracted. In paripurna navasana, the spinal muscles are toned and in ardha navasana, the abdominal muscles are toned.

Beginner Method: If you are unable to balance then recline the trunk, bend the elbows and lower the forearms down to the floor. Then exhale and raise the legs up. - Geeta Iyengar, Intermediate Course


Modifications and Props : 
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If there is a sudden catch either in the lower back or bottom-rib area below the chest, lie flat on the back. Normally, it happens when one holds the breath while staying or if there is flatulence. Avoid this asana if one has menstrual complications and during menstruation.

If the breath is held during the asana the effect will be on the stomach muscles and not on the abdominal organs.


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