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Parsva Halasana

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Side Plow Pose
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Bobby Clennell in Parsva Halasana
Asana Description: 

Geometry: In this variation of Halasana – The legs are stretched straight overhead towards one side of the body and then the other side.


From Supta Konasana, walk the left leg over to meet the right. Take the legs as far as possible to the right to be in line with the right shoulder.

Stretch through the feet and lift the thighs up towards the ceiling away from the floor. Both legs are straight with the toes, the heels and the ankles touching. Lift the hips up to the ceiling and keep both thighs parallel to each other.

Bring the left leg back to Supta Konasana and walk the right leg as far as possible to the left. Return both legs back to center to Halasana.

Bend the knees and roll down.



Extend through the feet to lengthen the legs.

Lift the inner thighs up and press the thighs up to lift the hips and open the backs of the knees.

Press the hands on the back to lift the hips up.

Take the shoulder blades into the back to lift the chest.

Press the upper arms down to lift the waist and hips up.

The Abdomen turns in the opposite direction of the legs. Keep the entire palm on the back. From arm action, toes down to lift up.

LEGS, LEGS, LEGS - extend the outer hip to outer ankle. 

When taking the legs to the right, Raise the left outer thigh and pull the right buttock bone back


Inversions work on the respiratory, circulatory, nervous and glandular systems. These asana help to strengthen will power, improve memory, increase intellectual capacity and bring emotional stability.

Those who suffer from cold, cough, asthma, tonsillitis, halitosis, palpitation, insomnia, nervous breakdown, fear, superiority, laziness, lethargy, fatigue, anemia, poor blood circulation, constipation, lack of concentration, general weakness and low vitality, hormonal imbalance, menstrual disorders and impotence will benefit from inversions.

Beginners Tips: 

Parsva Halasana removes heaviness and backache if it occurs during Sarvangasana due to uneven extension of the back muscles.


Learn to keep the buttock bones level and avoid the tilt either to the front or back.

Modifications and Props : 

Use two chairs if you are unable to extend the legs to reach the floor.

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