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Locust Pose
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Geometry: Lying on the abdomen, the head, chest, arms and legs are extended and lifted from the ground. In the beginning the feet are separated. As one progresses the feet move together.

From a prone position, roll the inner upper thigh bones in and extend the legs back down to the floor. Roll the outer shoulders back exhale and raise the head, chest and thighs up from the floor at the same time. The abdomen remains on the floor.

Descend the buttocks and press the tailbone down.

Extend the arms straight back towards the feet and lift the chest.

Use the arms to Lift the chest

Extend through the legs, lift the knees and quadriceps and and press the inner upper thighs towards the ceiling. 

Look forward and up.


Take the inner shoulder blades into the back to lift the chest more.

Extend through the inner leg and foot and lift the inner thigh towards the ceiling.

Spread the back inner upper thighs out and widen the sacrum.

Exhale and release the head, arms and legs back to the floor.


Common Issues:

Shoulder blades do not move down and into the back.

Arms are not extended.

Legs are not extended.

Inner foot is not extended.

Thighs are not rotated inwardly.

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Sanskrit Pronunciation: 

This pose aids digestion and relieves gastric troubles and flatulence. This pose helps the spine to become more elastic and aids in relieving pain in the sacral and lumbar regions. The bladder and prostate also benefit from this pose.

Beginners Tips: 

The Closer the legs are together the more difficult the pose.

To relieve lower back pain, the knees are bent, shins perpendicular to the floor. The thighs are lifted from the floor and the knees and thighs brought closer together.

Modifications and Props : 

A Restorative Variation for Neck and Shoulders from Senior Iyengar Teachers, Lois Steinberg, PhD.

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