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7 Tips for a Successful Home Yoga Practice

Do you want to start your yoga practice but finding it hard to enrol in a class? The reasons could be many but don’t let this demotivate you. Here are 7 tips for you to start a successful home yoga practice.
Though it is always recommended to practice yoga under the watchful eyes of a guru but, at times it becomes difficult to enrol in a toga teacher training. The reasons can be many – time crunch, financial issues, etc. You can start your practice at home too. All you need is a proper mindset and access to YouTube videos; you can follow the same initially. Here are some tips for a successful home yoga practice:

1. Have an intention before you start: Before you start practicing yoga, make sure you have an intention in mind. There is a sleek difference between a goal and intention. The intention will provide you gratitude and love towards your practice irrespective of the results. Whereas, a goal is more dependent on future outcomes which may not last long or can even make you stressed or frustrated.

2. Adhere to a sequenced routine: Yoga classes in Bangalore or anywhere follow a sequenced routine which prepares your body for upcoming levels in yoga. Since you are practicing at home, you should adhere to the same pattern. Plan a smart sequenced routine for yourself and keep upgrading it from time to time when you are confident about it.

3. Give priority to your practice: Be consistent while you are practicing. You may have unplanned meetings, get-togethers, friends visiting etc. But do not skip your schedule. Prioritize your yoga practice. If you can’t go through the entire session, do it for 15-20 minutes. Withhold to the fact that something is better than nothing.

4. Be patient for things to get settled: In the beginning, you may feel that it is hectic or it is difficult to learn through videos etc. Be patient. Things will take time to settle down. Give yourself some time. Your practice and schedules will take time but once you will start seeing results it will be fruitful in the end.

5. Focus on code of conduct: As you are practicing with the help of videos and tutorials you may feel that your pose looks different as in the video. Don’t allow this thought to come to your mind. You must take into account that code of conduct of an exercise is important and not the way it looks. The body type plays big role here. The person in video is experienced but you are not. Hence, follow the code of conduct.

6. Importance of meditation: It is good that you are practicing yoga but meditation is also a part that you should not skip. After each exercise, practice savasana and meditate after that. This will help you bring stillness to your fast pace of life. Along with this, you can also add pranayama to your routine. Combination of meditation, pranayama and yoga asana is going to yield visible results sooner.

7. Learn to walk before you run: Since you are practicing at home, it is important that you start from the basics. Once you are through with the basics, upgrade. If you start from difficult poses, it will be difficult and disappointing; it may also demotivate you. Hence, before you move to difficult poses and exercises; start with the basics.
These tips will act as a helping hand while you practice yoga at home. Once you will be confident about yourself; move to the next step. You may either enrol for yoga classes in Bangalore or yoga certification in Bangalore. But this is going to take time. Just be patient and consistent while practicing and you will start seeing the results physically, mentally and spiritually.

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