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Staff Pose
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Asana Description: 

1. Place a blanket on the floor. Sit upright on the blanket, with the legs stretched straight out in front of you.

2. Thighs together. Feet together. Toes pointing straight towards the ceiling.

3. Sit evenly on the sit bones. Distribute the weight evenly across both buttocks.

4. Press the back of the knees to the floor.

5. Place the hands by the side of the hips with the arms straight. Roll the shoulder bones back.

6. Lift the spine, abdomen and trunk. Lift the sternum. 

7. Neck and Head are straight. Gaze at eye level.

Sanskrit Pronunciation: 


Dandasana helps tone the abdomen and digestive organs.This asana stretches the leg muscles and trains one to sit straight with the spine erect.

Beginners Tips: 

Learn to Adjust the Sits bones. Move the flesh of the buttocks back and away from the sitting bones.

Press knees and thighbones towards the floor to lift the waist

Modifications and Props : 

Place enough height under the hips to lift the spine erect. Use a chair, a bolster or extra blankets.

Place a strap around the balls of the feet to help lift the spine and torso.

Place a block behind the feet and use a strap to hold the block in place or use a wall to keep the feet active.

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